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HGS InfoTech pvt. ltd. provides mobile app development services in which the application software is built to operate on a mobile device, such as a Smartphone or tablet computer. Individuals regularly use mobile apps to access services that are comparable to those available on PCs.


There are three forms of app development for mobile devices. A person who want to develop a mobile app should specify the sort of app they desire. I’ll explain the differences between these three components in this section.

  1. Native App Development :-

Native apps are designed specifically for the operating system of a mobile device (OS).

As a result, you might have a native Android or iOS mobile app.You can’t mix and match them because they’re only designed for one platform..

Native app development technology such as Java, Kotlin, Python, Swift, Objective-C, C++, and React are just a few examples.

Benefits Of Native App Development : –

  1. More trustworthy
  2. Quicker
  3. It’s less complicated since it focuses on a single goal.
  4. An improved client experience.
  5. In addition, it is more efficient.

Disadvantages Of Native App Development :- 

  1. The app will take up a lot of space on your phone.
  2. The cost is higher since you must reload the software every time it is updated.
  1. Web App Development :-

Web applications are comparable to native applications in that they are accessed through your mobile device’s internet browser. They aren’t standalone applications in the sense that you don’t have to download and install code on your device to use them. They’re responsive websites, which change their user interface to the device they’re using. In truth, when you choose to “configure” an online programme, your device usually merely bookmarks the website URL.The progressive web app (PWA), which is essentially executed inside a browser, is a unique online app.

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and other comparable programming languages are usually applied in these sorts of programmes.

Web app development has the following advantages:

  1. Lower development costs.
  2. Because it is web-based, it is simple to maintain.
  3. Installation does not need a lot of space. Because the update is done over the internet.

Web app development has the following drawbacks:

  1. It requires an internet connection because it runs on a web browser.
  2. Reliance on the browser.
  1. Hybrid App Development: –

These apps are web-based yet have the appearance of native applications. These are more efficient in terms of performance on a web browser or in terms of technology: –A combination of web technologies and native APIs is employed in these types of programmes.

They’re made with Ionic, Objective C, Swift, HTML5, and other technologies.

Benefits Of Hybrid App Development : –

  1. It is less expensive and easier to load.
  2. It is simple to maintain because it is based on a single code base.
  3. It works with a sluggish internet connection.

Disadvantages Of Hybrid App Development:

  1. Some functionalities aren’t functional.
  2. Because there is less internet usage, some parts are not functioning properly

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