Professional WordPress customization services

Looking for Professional WordPress customization services that are responsive? We provide expert WordPress theme customization for business, personal, educational, or portfolio websites.

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Professional WordPress customization services

Companies lavishly invest money to make their websites look appealing to the general public. While some manage to improve the aesthetics, others place too much emphasis on responsiveness to give the visual element any consideration.

HGS InfoTech supports the concept of a comprehensive website that meets practical requirements while also pleasing visitors artistically. Our WordPress modification solution is comprehensive enough to produce a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. With over  5 years of expertise, we have over 2000 projects in our portfolio that have yielded satisfying outcomes.

The demand for WordPress theme modification in India originates from the necessity of having a unique-looking website to establish a separate identity. The pre-defined options offered by themes are insufficient to achieve a strikingly distinct appearance. This is where our custom WordPress creation service, with expert hire WordPress developer India, comes in, applying its coding expertise and experience to give your project a unique appearance.

The SEO-worthiness of a website is one of our techniques that goes along with our job. Our programmers and configurators ensure that the site design does not include anything that will negatively affect the site’s SERP ranking. We guarantee fully responsive designs, which we achieve using a variety of templates and themes. They provide a variety of platforms, as well as specific graphics, ergonomic layouts, and other features.

Work Samples


Aegis IT Services is a premier business IT service company that understands and specializes in addressing your computer hardware and IT needs.


One of the oldest jewellery factories in Finland with almost 80 years of history in the precious metals industry.


Schique was started by Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer in 2014 out of the desire to help her mother who was diagnosed with skin cancer for the second time.

Why Do Clients Pick Us?

WordPress Developers with Certification

Only the best are chosen by HGS InfoTech. Every WordPress Developer on our team has a minimum of 2 years of professional experience, standard compliance coding habits, a strong grasp of the newest technologies, and a logical flair for devising novel solutions to complicated issues.

Development of Custom Plugins

Your WordPress is painstakingly enhanced with flawless, error-free execution of your chosen plugins. Existing plugins (free or commercial) may be adjusted for your website based on your needs, or bespoke WordPress development can be developed from the ground up for a fully unique experience.

Code that is both clean and well-structured

To ensure optimum speed and error-free output across the board, HGS Infotech developers produce clean, consistent, and well-structured code in accordance with W3C standards. Your theme's code is built to be simple to maintain, customize, and understand without sacrificing performance or user experience

Customization of a Theme

To alter the appearance and feel of your WordPress theme, you may rebuild and personalize it. All major and small changes are made by our front-end developers using meticulously clean hand-written code, resulting in highly polished and personalized WordPress themes that are designed for consistently excellent viewing and interaction experience across devices.

100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed

HGS InfoTech's experience and highly skilled team of developers regularly produce high-quality outcomes. We promise that you will be completely delighted with the quality of our products. You receive your money back if there is any error or dissatisfaction with the final product.

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