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Do you know why individuals favor automated vehicles over conventional ones? It’s because they want to avoid the complexity of using the gears, and the same is true of websites. The more code-free a website is, the easier it will be for people without a background in development to use. For instance, an E-commerce store owner can use a website without the assistance of developers. WIX is the first hero that springs to mind when we discuss one such website. You can talk to us as we are a Wix development service agency in India.

Wix is a website made by creators who wanted to express their interests, skills, or ideas without having to deal with the hassle of hard coding or a laborious signup process.

With the assistance of our freelance Wix developer, our innovative Wix development services empower you to create a successful website. We offer a comprehensive range of Wix website development services, turning your company’s ideas into polished, sophisticated, and attractive websites.

Wix Services Provided by HGS Infotech

Being a longtime leader in website development services, HGS Infotech also has a strong presence in Wix development services. The primary Wix development services we offer are listed below.

Setup and Customization of Websites

We offer Wix site construction and customization services based on your industry. Your preferences will be used to determine the layouts, designs, colors, and fonts, and you will have the freedom to alter them to suit your requirements. At HGS Infotech, we strive to create hand-crafted, premium bespoke Wix themes that are tailored to your needs and SEO-friendly as well, resulting in a higher page position.

Content Distribution and Promotion

API Integration

Its APIs provide us complete control over the functioning of the website and can be used to communicate with page components, the site's database, and external services. Because creating one-time integration is not the real challenge, we offer completely managed API integration services. The true challenge is having them work over a lengthy period of time.

Mobile Optimization

You're constructing your website incorrectly if you don't make it responsive to mobile devices. You're excluding not just a sizable chunk but also the vast majority of your readership. Websites must be able to be accessed from mobile devices and for this purpose, they must be optimised so that they are user-friendly on mobile devices and have a responsive design.

Web design services

Our staff at HGS Infotech is an expert in web design and development, so we know the designs that can help you have a stronger online presence. As a result, we'll work to provide you with a better experience than what you originally requested. To market your company and keep it running at optimum efficiency, you may employ a Wix designer from HGS Infotech and have them produce designable templates and other web pages.

Technical SEO


Even if you have the most expertly developed, technically advanced website ever, SEO is still crucial. A website without SEO is like to a ship at sea that is travelling aimlessly. Our SEO specialists will raise your Wix website's position on the search results page and gradually increase its traffic.

Webflow Development Services

24/7 Support and Maintenance

Client happiness is our primary priority, so we give 24/7 assistance and maintenance because we never stop working once we hand you the website we created. We at Zehntech honour our name. We are here to assure our customers' success and end-users' business efficiency, whether for on-site help, technical support, or remote support.

What makes Wix superior to other website development platforms?

Why go with Wix for your upcoming website? Because Wix is used by such a large number of people and because it is the easiest platform for developing websites, it offers the following advantages. Keep in mind that Wix has many other capabilities as well, only a few of them are included below.

Simple to Use

Wix has very few coding requirements, which makes using it very simple. In fact, most users who switched to Wix from other platforms say that Wix's ease of use was the motivating factor.

New Design Templates

Wix comes with a vast collection of free design templates. These templates are a one-stop solution for most major sectors because they address all of their requirements.

Designing websites using AI

Wix offers AI-based website design; all you have to do is choose a few essentials, and Wix will quickly create your website. You will be given access to an editor if you want to make any additional adjustments.

Strong client service

Wix, which was created to reduce workload, has a robust support system and offers support videos as well, so if you run into trouble anywhere you can simply read the support recommendations to finish your task.

Characteristics are best

To add particular features or functionality to your site, Wix has its own ecosystem of built-in apps that can be added. Install the necessary apps, for instance, and you're done if you require a blog section, live chat feature, or site search capabilities.

What makes HGS Infotech the best Wix development service agency?

Fast Delivery

At HGS Infotech, punctuality is important. We respect both your and our time, thus the work is scheduled so that we have enough time to complete your project on schedule and with enough extra time to assure that, if there are any bugs, they won’t hinder your intended success. Periodically, you will be updated on the status of your project, along with the date when our team will deliver it to you.

Friendly to users

Being involved in the SEO industry, we are well aware of the significance of a website that is mobile-friendly. Your website designed by us will be user-friendly with the proper font size, appropriate call to action, etc. Our developers along with the specialists have extensive knowledge of the responsiveness of the website, thus we have a team to assure the same.


The costs associated with creating websites and apps have escalated along with their utilization, but HGS Infotech, a well-established business, is aware of any additional, unnecessary costs you may be paying and prefers to stop them. Therefore, working with HGS Infotech to design your Wix website will enable you to accomplish so for a reasonable price.

Interface using Drag and Drop

With Wix’s drag-and-drop capability, you can easily customise your website without needing to know any coding languages. And at HGS Infotech, we guarantee that including this function on your Wix website will prevent you from complicating matters and eliminate the need for you to possess coding expertise.

Fantastic Templates

Wix development by HGS Infotech proves to be your finest option if you’re seeking for high-quality, personalised templates for your websites. Our designers provide excellent templates and layouts for your Wix websites. Depending on your needs, we can even modify pre-built layouts for the websites of your companies.

Constant Performance Evaluation

You have choices with Wix to obtain a Metrix of how well your website is performing on Google and other search engines. The site that we give to you shows how users and other websites interact with yours. Wix has the possibility to implement custom tracking in addition to supporting Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

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