Why Choose PrestaShop for Your eCommerce Business: The Benefits of Using This Platform

PrestaShop for your eCommerce

The COVID-19 epidemic has highlighted the value of online retailers for storing up necessities. E-commerce shops that were already established would have seen a rapid increase in daily traffic compared to their typical day of sales. Using a logical approach, any company venture involving e-commerce website development and IT, in general, would be a wise solution to address the economic difficulties brought on by COVID-19.

With the help of the open-source E-Commerce platform Prestashop, you may launch an online store and expand your company significantly. Rich functionality, simple maintenance, and cost-free solutions are some qualities that tempt developers to use this platform for e-commerce website development. Hiring a PrestaShop developer will enable you to add many goods easily, host many clients concurrently without experiencing any downtime, and construct multi-stores across several locations.

Before building an online store, each firm must select the best e-commerce website development. Several platforms offer free and paid services for building an online business. 

Award-winning Prestashop development is a highly flexible e-commerce website development that includes free solutions. Set up an online store based on your company’s needs. 

Why Should You Choose PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is simple to use and offers an intuitive design that easily entices users. Hiring a PrestaShop developer opens up a world of eCommerce development possibilities that may do wonders for your company. Moreover, PrestaShop is a perfect, user-friendly option considering e-commerce website development is expanding quickly! PrestaShop can be downloaded quickly from both its official website and Github. You can effortlessly control any area of your site with their extensive range of modules. If you are familiar with the fundamentals of web hosting, you may download and upload it to your server, where the PrestaShop installer will assist you in setting it up.
    1. Easy to Use:– Every CMS platform’s functionality employing factors is the most crucial component. PrestaShop’s user-friendly interface, which qualifies it as a CMS, is what developers and shop owners find most alluring about it. PrestaShop allows anybody, regardless of technical or programming background, to create beautifully designed websites.

    2. Customizable:-Using Prestashop CMS, you can effortlessly customize your online store. Thanks to their customizable feature, your demands will be met regarding branding and site functioning. Without changing the content, you may make your own versions of your favorite websites. More than 5000 modules are available in Prestashop.

      The majority of changes are often made through the front end. The back office may be used to make simple adjustments like altering the text, moving blocks, customizing products, etc. PrestaShop is built around hooks, which are used to hold the content of your website. You may control the locations of the content on your site by adjusting the hook positions.

    3. International Market:-PrestaShop for your eCommerce may be used as a worldwide marketplace if you want your goods to receive notice on a global scale. It has a sizable community and is a global platform. The BRICS and developing markets’ rapid internet and mobile device adoption has allowed e-commerce companies to expand more quickly. Prestashop has become quite important nowadays. With this channel, shoppers’ sales quadrupled. Better still, buyers won’t have to travel beyond their own country to purchase unavailable goods.

    4. Security:-That is the most difficult problem that all consumers of e-commerce face. PrestaShop has a lot of modules that offer website security. Increase your click-through rate by installing them. The most crucial component for modern e-commerce enterprises is cybersecurity. Lack of suitable site protocol will increase the danger of credit card fraud and other personal information for both online retailers and their customers.

      Small firms are particularly vulnerable to needing more resources to invest in such a process. PrestaShop can provide all those modules to eliminate risks and confidently utilize your site. 

    5. Seo Friendly:-Modern businesses of all sizes strive to make their websites SEO-friendly. PrestaShop CMS eliminates the need for additional SEO plugins, unlike OpenCart, which does not offer that benefit. The causes of this may vary, but you need to be aware of the ones that provide websites with the top SEPR pages. You won’t need to worry about SEO with PrestaShop CMS since PrestaSian has created a fantastic, user-friendly blog module tool called SmartBlog for your website, enabling you to produce fresh material that will unquestionably improve your SEO rankings.

    6. Cost Free Solution:-Because PrestaShop is an open-source platform, there are no additional fees to utilize it. Download the platform, set it up, and build your business. You don’t need to conduct any more chores to get started with PrestaShop eCommerce development.

    7.  Multilingual Language Support:-Prestashop supports more than 50 languages, allowing you to translate your store into a broad range of languages and sell your goods or services internationally. The advantages of utilizing the Prestashop platform to build your online store are summarized above. This is the ideal place to start selling your goods online if you run a small business.

    8. Analysis and Statistics To Improve Business Strategy:-Statistics and analysis are crucial in determining the profitability of any enterprise. They enable us to assess changes in our business, profit, loss, and other factors. Moreover, they offer the information needed to keep the company operating. They occasionally contribute significantly to supply and stock management. The priority of the items that need to be brought to the store may be determined with the aid of the results that we have attained.

      Prestashop assists us in tracking website visits and their point of conversion. This information allows us to create promotions and deals to increase sales and customer satisfaction. It offers a very helpful dashboard with more than 20 different status report forms that may be used to choose a business expansion plan. Its marketplace also offers more analytical and analytics add-ons for free.


The globe has changed to the simplest method of product sale and purchase. PrestaShop, a free, open-source platform, is one of the key prerequisites for building a remarkable online store. Simple customization options and SEO Techniques for E-Commerce Websites are available, and problems can be solved at no cost. 

Because of its performance-effective tool and lower maintenance and cost than other platforms, even a non-technical person may use and personalize it. You can always employ PrestaShop developers to help you expand and construct a stunning website that is hassle-free and cost-effective if you’re seeking customized solutions for your e-commerce website development.

PrestaShop is a platform that supports several languages and currencies, enabling customers to create their websites globally. 

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