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Web development is a big direction. To create a quality project, you must know how to work with databases and user authentication, control code versions, and deploy it on different platforms. On the other hand, dozens of simple and accessible tools allow you to create your website independently. Of course, such a site will have limited features compared to a professional web project.

There are so many ways to create a website. The easiest and cheapest is to do it on one of the designers or services of ready-made sites. Several such services; differ in price, the complexity of use, and the opportunities offered.

One of those services is Showit Development. Whether you want to create stunning bespoke websites, make some passive revenue, or begin a side business where you may make additional monthly money, Showit can help you.

Online Website Development

If you want to create your website for free on the Internet, then the best recommendation would be to use an online website builder. Not so long ago, articles about how to make your site for free quickly would have frightened you into needing to learn to program, HTML-writing, and web design. Today, however, anyone can do it with the help of a constructor. Creating a website with their own hands will require a little time, and they will not need to delve into the basics of web programming.

Follow some web design blogs to stay up-to-date with the latest web design trends. 

Here are some justifications for why it’s critical for your brand identification to customize your WordPress site with the help of professional WordPress customization services:

What is Showit?

With the help of a drag-and-drop interface on the online design and hosting platform Showit, you can easily construct a fully customized desktop and mobile website. WordPress integration makes blogging and SEO simple. You may start from scratch or choose a template to create the ideal website.

How to Start Designing Websites on Showit: Tips and Tricks

Without writing a single line of code, designers can create visually attractive websites for customers with Showit Development. You may easily create websites exactly how you want your website to look.

Here’s how to utilize Showit to establish a website design business, whether your goals are creating eye-catching custom websites, earning additional money through passive income, or beginning a side business.

1. Set your website goals.

Showit can support you in achieving your goals. One of the world’s most technologically advanced website builders, Showit Development, has been used to create websites for e-commerce, photography, interior design, coaching, restaurants, and more.

2. Select a template.

There is no justification for starting over. Choose from a variety of Showit website layouts available for free and purchase. Photographers, podcasters, coaches, and other types of enterprises can all find designs in the Showit template library.

3. Start customizing

Everyone may easily create a website with Showit. You can reposition and place individual elements of your pages using drag-and-drop technology.

No matter what kind of personality you want your company to convey—sophisticated, funky, down-to-earth, or adventurous-simple it’s to add unique typefaces and pick colors that represent that. And you may preserve those selections to appear consistently across your website.

4. Connect the domain.

Assigning a domain name to your website is one of the most crucial tasks you’ll complete when constructing it. Your company’s name is the perfect choice for your domain name; otherwise, avoid adding things like numerals or special characters to keep it short and memorable. Your domain can be connected quickly with Showit Development. The Showit staff will provide clear, step-by-step instructions or connect it for you.

5. Share your website

Inform the people on the email list you created with your Showit website that you have just launched a new website! Alternatively, just share a link to your website on social media to alert your followers to your new look. Creating an interactive website that is simple to post on social media is made simple by Showit Development

6. The color palette and fonts.

Choose Design Options under the Site tab at the top of the left side to add your color scheme. Once you’ve entered the design options, there are two tabs, Site style, and Fonts. You can now assign 8 colors in the Site style tab. Click on the colored rectangle you want to change to change its color. Afterward, you can add a specific hex code or select a color.

Including your colors in this area will make it simple to retrieve them later. Also, the relevant color from the original template design will be updated. As you customize elements on your site, your colors will now be accessible in the Properties Panel.

7. Mobile and Dekstop side by side.

Consistency between the two versions will be improved by designing and customizing your website with both mobile and desktop views available. Naturally, you can move between each for a better view and a bigger viewing area, but keeping both open frequently can improve the process.

You can switch between desktop, mobile, and both by clicking on the icons in the lower-left corner of your window.

How to Become a Showit Designer

The simplest way to start is to register for a Showit Development free trial and begin creating!

Other methods to begin using Showit:

  • Become a member of the Showit Designers Facebook group.
  • Know all principles of Showit as a designer.
  • Check out these frequently asked questions for site designers.


You may learn the fundamentals of utilizing Showit and selling website templates by taking the 

Showit Design Standards Course. You must take and pass this course if you ever want to be a Showit Designer Partner.

Try the Showit platform for developing websites for clients with your 14-day free trial (no credit card necessary).

How to Choose an Online Website Builder

If you are interested in how you can create your website online for free in 5 minutes, you should pay attention to the designers with free plans. At the same time, if the resource turns into a serious project, it is desirable to get advanced features for an additional fee. 

Website builders have several advantages over web development. Most importantly – you do not need to deal with HTML code or PHP, to get ready to work website right now. Working with the designer is similar to working with the usual text or graphic editor. You will not have to think about the site’s layout – where to place the menu, the order button, and where the feedback form is. The designer will allow you to choose one of the standard layouts and apply it to your site.


There are many website platforms you can choose from when creating a bespoke website for your business. The amazing benefit of Showit Development is that it is a template-based system. You may personalize every aspect of Showit, including the design itself, colors, and fonts. You can also make use of Showit development company. This makes it possible for your website to complement the pricey branding you spent properly. To suit your demands, Showit offers a variety of monthly and yearly pricing options.

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