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HGS InfoTech is a well-known WordPress website migration company with extensive expertise converting enterprise-grade websites from a variety of proprietary and open-source CMS platforms to WordPress. We offer bespoke WordPress migration services to ensure the efficiency and security of your website. To ensure data integrity, all of our WordPress database conversion operations are done manually.

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Why Should You Switch to WordPress?

WordPress is the most demanding Content Management System in the world, Millions of websites are made up of using it. WordPress may be self-hosted, allowing you to save money. It is extremely configurable, with no business add-ons to limit it, yet it is still simple to use, even for non-tech savvy bloggers. We can assist you in deciding on a strategy for your WordPress transfer.

The advantages of switching to WordPress

    1. CMS with a lot of power:- With a 62 percent share of the CMS industry, WordPress now powers 35 percent of websites.
    2. Excellent for SEO:- WordPress features a straightforward URL structure that makes it search engine friendly, including Google.
    3. Extremely adaptable:- WordPress has thousands of plugins to choose from which are often free.
    4. Simple to use:- WordPress is largely regarded as the most user-friendly content management system. It’s easy and quick to use.
    5. WordPress has a vibrant community:- Experts are constantly online and accessible to answer questions about your specific WordPress project in online forums.

Our Methodology for Migrating a CMS to WordPress

For each website migration, we have a well-planned strategy in place to ensure a seamless and speedy transition. We move step by step from the initial stage to the last.

The advantages of switching to WordPress

    1. Consultation:- We’ll talk about any issues you’re having with your present website and make a list of your needs for a new WordPress site. This method assists us in determining exactly what you expect from the move.
    2. Planning:- We’ll build a thorough strategy for the future transfer when we’ve gathered all of the information, taking into account your website’s content, features, and functions, as well as the timeline.
    3. Initiation:- Once our team and the client team have completed the strategy, we will begin the migration process as soon as possible, according to the terms and circumstances that have been agreed upon. We’ll stick to a strict timetable, beginning with data and media backups to ensure that everything is in order for the move.
    4. Delivery:- Any migration project’s delivery is the most crucial aspect. Our objective is to exceed your expectations, which is why we thoroughly test the new website before giving it over to you to verify that everything is in place and working properly.
    5. Support:- Our support does not end at project delivery. We are here to help you maintain your website. We will run a systematic performance analysis of your website, check for problems and bugs, and fix them to ensure that your website runs smoothly and that you can focus on other important business activities.

Why choose HGS InfoTech Pvt Ltd for WordPress Migration?

  1. Experienced Team:- We have a team of skilled programmers with a keen eye for detail who are masters at migrating websites to WordPress and covering all technical aspects essential for a successful transition.
  2. A Step-by-Step Methodology:- To ensure a seamless and thorough migration, we use a well-planned step-by-step strategy, breaking the entire procedure down into smaller chunks.
  3. Personalized Service:- We understand your desire to set yourself apart from the competition by providing unique features and exceptional service. We can assist you by delivering a fully customized migration that is tailored to your specific needs and expectations.
  4. A safe and secure environment:- Our primary concern is the security of data and content. We never jeopardize the security of any data you submit to us. During the WordPress database migration, no material from your existing website is destroyed; instead, the data is simply moved to the new website. Data integrity is maintained at a high level. Before the new site goes up, all of the data is double-checked.
  5. Migration without the Hassle:- We are in charge of the migration’s end-to-end services. Our clients entrust us with high-quality, on-time delivery. To ensure a successful migration, the HGS InfoTech professionals use the Agile Methodology. By adding professional character and resolving internal links, we give the best.

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