Proven Ways to Customize WordPress Theme in 2023

WordPress Theme

A newbie must personalize a WordPress theme for their website to construct one that serves their goals and has all the functionality they’ll need to operate it successfully. With the help of WordPress customization, you can create a unique look and feel for your website.

A WordPress theme includes everything that affects the design of a website. There are many themes available, both free and premium that are suitable for almost any industry.

Customizing WordPress themes utilizing tools, plugins, page builders, and even coding like CSS can be difficult and time-consuming. But one can easily design a website with proven ways and a little patience.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme

Before getting started, you need a theme that is suited to your business and effectively runs your website. You can choose from tens of thousands of WordPress themes available. 

You should choose your theme with a list of features, a preferred layout, and a goal in mind. 

WordPress enables you to filter out the beginning themes that meet your chosen features to locate the ideal one (free versions only):

  • On WordPress Admin Dashboard, go to the Appearance section.
  • Click Themes from the dropdown menu.
  • On your theme library, click Add New at the top of the page.
  • Choose Feature Filter from the list of tabs, then apply the required features.

Consider the following criteria when selecting your theme:

  • Being responsive to all devices is essential for the web.
  • SEO friendliness aids in improving search engine rankings and boosting website traffic.
  • A website with a minimalistic design will load more quickly because it is lighter.
  • The degree to which your website is navigable and accessible to all visitors depends heavily on accessibility.

Why Should You Customize WordPress Theme?

WordPress customization themes can entirely alter your website’s appearance, which helps you advertise your distinctive style. That makes you more remarkable than the competition. Have you ever noticed that the best websites all share a similar design? What distinguishes them from one another? How can you quickly identify them merely by looking at their distinctive design?

The general response to these queries is to customize the theme. These top well-customized websites provide a distinctive touch that enables them to stand out as a distinct brand. So, modifying a theme is not just about designing or adding features; it also aids in promoting your company.

Themes with low build quality, poor design layouts, unfavorable color schemes, or inadequate optimization might negatively impact a website’s performance. Only a few themes out there are fantastic and meet your needs. 

Ways To Customize WordPress Theme in 2023

There are numerous options and ways to WordPress customization theme. Among the most prevalent techniques are:

  • WordPress Customizer by default.
  • Use a page builder tool to modify the theme.
  • Using codes to customize.
  • Use plugins.
  • Hire a developer. 

1. Changing the default theme.

WordPress comes with a built-in WordPress customizer function that allows website administrators to customize their websites partially. If skilled with code, there are countless opportunities to investigate and modify your theme. Although a few Premium WordPress themes provide many customization choices, their availability could be improved, leaving you with limited options.

Therefore, it is recommended to build a child theme first and make changes to it exclusively rather than messing up or modifying the main theme file before you begin WordPress customization themes and getting your hands on coding.

How to Customize WordPress Theme With Default Customizer

Thus, if you have decided to use the theme customizer tool, you must first visit the WordPress Themes repository and select a theme you want to install and customize before diving into the code and other technical stuff. Return to your WordPress dashboard and like Appearance > Themes > Pick theme > Install > Personalize from the options when you hover your mouse over the Appearance menu

2. Use page builders.

In addition to themes that offer several customization choices, WordPress itself has introduced customization capabilities. Many page builders, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi, allow you to customize your theme without knowing any code. These page builders offer drag-and-drop interfaces to help you easily design your website.

There are several types of Plugins that you can install and immediately start using to customize a theme without bothering with codes. With the correct technique and expertise, anyone can quickly develop a professional website using these tools/plugins, typically called Page builders.

You may view the results of your modifications in real-time thanks to the convenience of these page builders. It is optional to click the preview button and save the document repeatedly. You only need to install a Page builder tool that works with the theme and has an intuitive user interface, then start creating the website you want.

3. Customize WordPress themes with codes.

Your dashboard’s Appearance section has a “Theme Editor” link to access by clicking on the background option. You see a page with all the theme codes. Click on the link to open it. Like any other theme file, style.css and functions.php are accessible to you. You can make changes if you are a developer or have a strong understanding of CSS. How to customize HTML files to 

WordPress themes? Go to Appearance -> Widget. You can edit the HTML of the available WordPress widgets from the widget areas or add more from the Custom HTML menu.

Using an FTP client is an alternate method for altering the WordPress theme’s coding to make changes is to modify it. The theme files could be downloaded and uploaded using a File Transfer Protocol client from the web server. The entire procedure is simple. First, you must 

  • connect your FTP client (such as File Zilla) to your web server, 
  • access the theme files, 
  • download them, 
  • make any necessary changes,
  • upload the modified theme files back to the server using the FTP client.

But, if you are comfortable writing CSS and coding, you can quickly change your theme, which was created specifically for your website, while taking into account all the requirements yet, if you are working on other, less familiar topics. Instead of tampering with the parent theme file, it is preferable that you first establish a child theme and modify it.


4.Use plugins..

There are many WordPress plugins available that can help you customize your website. For example, if you want to add a contact form to your website, you can use a plugin like Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms.

5. Hire a developer.

You can work with a developer if you want to make more significant modifications to your theme. A developer can create a custom child theme for your website, customize of HTML files to WordPress, or help you modify the existing theme to suit your needs.Overall, there are many WordPress customization ways in 2023. The optimal course of action will depend on your level of technical proficiency, preferred style, and scope of the changes you wish to make.


WordPress customization theme is easy with the WordPress customizer tool. Adding a timeline, adding a navigation menu, changing the theme color, or changing the website’s icon are all options. Alternatively, you must add/remove complicated codes from theme files. Nevertheless, you must first build a child theme, edit it, activate it, do a test, and then send the updated version to your live website.

While there are numerous ways for a user to WordPress customization, they include the WordPress customizer tool, page builders, plugins, manually altering the WordPress theme files, and developing a child theme. Yet the finest customizing choice will depend entirely on how easily and comfortably a user can use it.

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