How You Can Restore The Circle Shape Of Brush Tool In Photoshop

photoshop brush tool

When your brush tool suddenly stops functioning, it can be frustrating. You need to figure out what went wrong or why it’s doing what you need it to do now. Brush tool in Photoshop is a vital element in web designingThere are often only a handful of reasons Photoshop’s brush tool stopped functioning. Each issue may be resolved quickly and easily, usually in under a minute. Therefore, whatever problem you’re now experiencing, rest confident that it will be simple to resolve and that you will soon be back in action!

The pointer abruptly disappearing is one of the brush tool’s most frequent issues. Your cursor has been changed, not your brush tool, which is why this happens. Turn off the caps lock and begin using the brush tool, as usual, to make your brush cursor visible once more!

Common Brush Tool Problems And How To Solve Them

In Photoshop, the brush tool typically appears as a circle, but it’s possible for the brush shape to change due to various settings or preferences. To restore the circle shape of the brush tool, follow these steps:
  • Select the Brush Tool: Select the Brush Tool from the Tools menu on the left of Photoshop. It resembles a symbol for a paintbrush.


  • Check Brush Preset Picker: At the top of the Photoshop window, you should see the Brush Preset Picker. It displays the current brush tip shape and size.


  • Reset to Default Brush: To reset the brush to its default circular shape, right-click anywhere on your canvas with the Brush Tool selected. A pop-up menu will appear.


  • Reset Tool: In the pop-up menu, select “Reset Tool.” This action will reset the brush’s default settings, usually including a round brush tip.


  • Adjust Brush Size: The bracket keys “[” and “]” can be used to raise or reduce the brush size, respectively. The circular brush’s diameter will be impacted by this.


  • Brush Panel (Optional): If you want more control over your brush settings, open the Brush panel by going to Window > Brush. Here, you can customize various brush settings, including size, hardness, and shape.


  • Brush Shape: In the Brush panel, make sure the “Brush Tip Shape” tab is selected. Here, you can modify the brush shape further by adjusting settings like “Spacing” or selecting a different brush preset.


  • Brush Hardness: If you want a softer or harder edge for your brush, adjust the “Hardness” slider in the Brush panel. A lower hardness value will result in a softer edge, while a higher value will create a harder edge.


  • Save Custom Brushes (Optional): If you’ve customized your brush and want to save it as a custom preset, click the “New Brush Preset” button in the Brush panel. This allows you to reuse your custom brush settings in the future.

By following these steps, you should be able to restore the circle shape of the brush tool in Photoshop and adjust its settings to meet your specific needs.


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