How to Make Content Search Engine Friendly

There are some points need to be considered when writing a content for website or social media which is seo friendly. Here I would like to mention few points that how to make content search engine friendly.

You need to identify the target audience :- A target audience is a segment of customers you wish to focus your marketing efforts on in order to increase sales of a specific item or service.

Conduct the Keyword research :- Effective keyword research may provide you knowledge of current marketing trends and assist you in focusing your content on pertinent concepts.

Add Images/Videos :- It is very much effective to add images and video to the content which attracts most of the customers and it is easy to convert them into the buying products.

Title should be eye catchy :- The purpose of titles is to draw the reader in and provide a hint about the article’s substance without giving away too much.

Call to actions is must :- Your call to action (CTA) is an opportunity to inspire your audience to take concrete actions to become a client or customer. It may make the difference between a lead and a conversion.

Focus on the Reader’s experience :- Your goal while writing is to benefit your reader. Your readers come to you for a reason, whether it is to immerse them in a fascinating and engrossing fictitious universe or to teach and educate them about a pressing issue in the real world. What can you do to assist yourself go from being a writer to being a reader?

Some tips for SEO Blog:

  • Always use 1-2 long tail keywords.
  • Use keywords in the blog post with proper strategy.
  • Optimise it for mobile.
  • Meta description should be optimised.
  • Use alt text for images.
  • URL structure must be use friendly.
  • Add internal links.
  • Add links to related blog post.
  • Publish updated content and modify it.




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