How To Convert Adobe XD Design To WordPress from Scratch?

Adobe XD Design To WordPress

Nowadays, developing applications and web pages is a highly relevant field in which experienced professionals and beginners want to comprehend the craft to the fullest extent.

The company Adobe, known for its advanced software tools, created the program, which gained popularity among users in website design quickly.

In this case, we are talking about Adobe XD, a unique and extremely easy-to-learn application that supports work on different operating systems and mobile devices. Therefore, for many users, it will be useful to get acquainted with this advanced program’s main features, functions, and advantages.

But what about WordPress? WordPress – well-known CMSs in the world. Everyone can create various sites even without any knowledge of programming. The CMS designed and edited every element that makes up the site as a whole. With the development of technology, converting Adobe XD design to WordPress is now simple. The conversion process no longer demands a lot of work. You may construct Elementor websites by simply converting your design into real HTML pages. You will find it simple, even if this is your first time.

Сonverting Adobe XD design to WordPress is a quite simple process. This article will lead you through the conversion process and explain its fundamentals.

What is Adobe XD?

According to many professionals, Adobe XD can be called an analog of Photoshop for prototyping work. This program is now the fastest, most reliable UX design solution, which suits small and large companies with a staff of over 10 thousand people. Adobe XD has a complete set of necessary features in the field of digital design. It allows users to create advanced and high-quality layouts, engage in prototyping and share them. Adobe XD is a fantastic solution for developing websites and mobile applications.

Adobe XD: Features and Capabilities

This is one of the latest tools that have already been added to the great Adobe package. Its name gets the characteristics of Adobe Experience Design. It is not a program for entertainment, but instead, it makes your creativity and most artistic side connect with a more decorative and professional side. Even beginners can handle this program and can convert Adobe XD design to WordPress easily by following several steps.

This tool was designed primarily to make it easier for the user to navigate the interface of a web page. All this and more makes this tool a unique opportunity for the designer to immerse himself in a world of inspiration and imagination.

What is WordPress?

WordPress (WP) – content management system (CMS) and the well-known and widely used way to create and manage a website. It is possible to use code, but it is not necessary. Due to this well-developed technology, even a beginner can create a website.

Originally it was conceived only as a platform for blogs, but this has all changed with the appearance of thousands of different themes and plugins. Thanks to them, it was possible to create a corporate site, an online store, and online media. This may explain the popularity of WordPress more than anything else. WordPress is easy to use. Special knowledge is optional to create a simple site on it, and with the basic functions and features, even a novice can understand. The control panel is convenient for working with small sites and supporting large-scale portals with a large team of developers. WordPress is free, as are thousands of templates and plugins for it. You can find them in the WordPress catalog or other resources. There is also a wide range of components available on a paid basis: with them, you get extended functionality.

The large community of users is another argument in favor of WordPress. Detailed tips and instructions on a wide variety of topics are available on the web and published by experienced users. And thanks to the open source, any developer can create his plugin, widget, or extension for WordPress and share the result with everyone else.

What is WordPress For?

WordPress (WP) is needed primarily to manage the site’s content. With the help of this management system, you can easily add new pages, change videos and images, edit text, and change meta tags. In WordPress, there are special plugins that speed up the loading speed of pages. Add a forum to the site, create polls, content and much more.

Moreover, WordPress is not only simple but also a free CMS. Therefore, many website owners choose this content management system. With its help, you can make your website in just a few hours. To do this, another tool is used – themes. People without programming skills can make unique websites thanks to free themes.

Advantages of CMS WordPress

CMS WordPress
  • It is free. CMS WordPress is a completely free content management system. You will be able to use all the features of WordPress completely free of charge. However, some themes and plugins are equipped with paid functionality, which you can buy at will.
  • Open Source. The source code of WordPress is available for viewing, studying and changing.
  • Simplicity. WP is considered easy to learn and has a logical structure and interface.
  • Suitable for people who need experience. A person, even without programming skills, can easily create a website with this WordPress.
  • Many themes and plugins. The variety of themes allows you to create unique projects, and plugins make it possible to optimize the work and expand functionality.
  • An extensive online community. A vast number of users choose WordPress. So, if you have any problems, you can ask for advice from more experienced users in the online community.
  • Easy installation. Most hosting providers offer to install WP directly from the control panel.
  • User-friendly interface. In just a few hours, you will be able to understand the WP control panel – it is logical and understandable.
  • No problems with SEO. Websites developed on WordPress have no problems with search engine promotion. 
  • Regular updates. WordPress is constantly updated, eliminating bugs and vulnerabilities in the system.

Advantages of CMS WordPress

Modern technology makes it simple to convert Adobe XD design to WordPress. Converting no longer requires a lot of time and work. Your design can be easily transformed into HTML files that point to websites using Elementor. You should find it simple and uncomplicated.

Various solutions are available to accomplish the Adobe XD to WordPress service conversion. Now all you have to do is adhere to the proper processes. You can gain a lot of advantages by switching your WordPress theme from Adobe XD. It is very configurable and search engine optimized. Here are the procedures to convert.

Step 1: Prepare Everything

  • Get your Adobe XD file ready.
  • Choose Save for devices or web under file.
  • To display your file alongside the original, select the 2-Up option. To maintain good quality when files are compressed to lesser sizes, use PNG 24. For logos and icons, SVG files are an excellent option.
  • Modify the image sizes using the available settings.
  • Save the settings, give your website a ready image a name and a location.
  • To keep everything organized, establish folders for your photographs.


Step 2: Gather all graphics

  • Create a new page in Elementor. Edit that new page.
  • Go to page settings, give the page a name, and select element or canvas as the page layout. Keep the navigation accessible.
  • To preset fonts and colors, click the menu icon and select the color picker.


Step 3: Change the design to Elementor

  • Include and give a part of one column a name.
  • Insert the image you resized in the style setting.
  • Adjust the scrolling effects and other properties like attachment, position, and backdrop overlay.
  • Include a button and change the text and settings to meet your needs.


Step 4: Correct for responsiveness 

  • To improve responsive displays, experiment with padding and margins at the column and section levels.


Step 5: Repeat the procedure

  • Create templates for all the pages. They might serve as the foundation for more web pages on your site. This saves you from having to start from scratch with some components.


Adobe XD design to WordPress prototype may be converted into a WP website much more quickly and easily.

Why Convert Adobe XD to WordPress Theme?

WordPress is preferred over other web-building platforms by those who want to easily, simply, and quickly create a simple website without requiring much technical experience. WordPress is open-source software that anybody can use and share.

The best aspect is that many plugins can be customized, which makes managing the website very simple. WordPress’s simple drag-and-drop capabilities and built-in website build editors make customizing the platform much simpler.


Nowadays, XD Design is becoming more well-known. The conversion of Adobe XD design to a WordPress theme is quick and simple. You can quickly convert your Adobe XD website UI design into a WordPress website that is responsive, pixel-perfect, and error-free. Technology development has produced reliable solutions that when used properly. And can quickly transform designs into live HTML pages. However, it is simpler to follow the guidelines in the article.

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