Does Quality of the Backlinks Matters the Most?


Backlinks or inbound links are links on sites that lead to a new page. The quality backlinks and the number of your backlinks can help you rank higher on search engines like Google.

Backlinks are considered a sign of how popular your site is among people. Backlink implementation, management, and analysis are critical for search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO strategies.

Why Do We Need Backlinks?

Search engines scan sites to determine their subject matter and content, then display the information sources most relevant to users in search results. Each site has its rating of usefulness. Some sites have already gained the trust of search algorithms and are authoritative in their field.

If a link appears on such a web resource to a new site that has yet to have time to be promoted on the Internet, the latter will raise the quality score. The link that will “return” visitors from an external site to the source of information is called a backlink. The more link mass, the better the site is ranked by search engines. This is why site owners will pay external sites to create quality backlinks.

Why are Backlinks Important For Promotion?

To increase organic traffic and attract the attention of search engines, you must invest in on-page and off-page search engine optimization. On-page optimization is the practice of producing material that clarifies your site’s purpose for users and search engines. Off-page optimization shows search engines that your content is valuable to third parties. And the most important value statement is quality backlinks.

Increasing the number of backlinks can produce positive results, such as Increases in search engine rankings. Search engines see backlinks as a symbol of a site’s credibility. It is assumed that the more links that lead to a site, the more people trust it. The more links, the higher the site’s ranking in issuing relevant queries. Indexation of new pages is accelerated.
Search engine robots revisit pages already known to them to find new content. Popular websites are more likely to be visited by robots than less popular ones.  The more links to the site, the more likely the robots will quickly index the new page. The site gets additional traffic. Links on other sites’ pages help get traffic from those sites. When readers come across an intriguing link, they click it to access the promoted resource. This traffic can have a positive impact on behavioral factors.

Types of Backlinks

A donor is a website that contains links to other online resources. The more of them, the better. However, it is worth remembering the quality backlinks. Bad backlinks can damage the reputation of the site. To correctly choose the correct version of links for your project, you need to understand their types. Types of backlinks:

  • Anchor;
  • Unlinked;
  • Nofollow;
  • Dofollow;
  • Natural;
  • Paid;
  • Perpetual;
  • Toxic or unnatural.


Anchor comes from the English anchor – “anchor.” An anchor link is called when it is “anchored” to the content. So, in one of the phrases in the text-embedded hyperlink, a click on which the user is on another site. In this anchor – it is not any random words on a web page, it has the form of keywords, by which users on the network will search for information to which the donor refers. The content of the donor and the linked site must be linked thematically and logically.


Unlinked links also connect to the content but exclude the use of keywords and are tied to the site’s content by other means. They are specified as a site address in its original form without keywords masking, embedded in images, and attached to formal link words: “here”, “more”, “read here”, “watch here”, “continue”, “full”, “source”, “on-site”.


HTML, an acronym for the hypertext markup language, is used to construct web pages. Nofollow is one of its parameters. With its help, search robots receive instructions to avoid following a link on the page and not to evaluate its weight. Nofollow links are often placed in thematic directories or advertising integrations, not related to the technical SEO promotion of the site. This way, the webmaster preserves the reputation of his project and can place paid, sponsored, promotional and other links on the site, which can negatively affect its own value.


The opposite of the purpose of nofollow is the dofollow option. It overrides the former’s instructions and tells you the text links to authoritative web pages with link weight.


Organic links are considered to be links that appear on the Internet naturally. Users placed them on their page because they liked the site. Website owners found the helpful site to their audience or want a quote citing your site as an authoritative source.


New sites can only sometimes quickly get the attention and credibility of authoritative web resources. Getting natural links for newbies is quite tricky. That’s why link exchanges have appeared, where backlinks can be bought. The first links can be obtained almost immediately after the project’s launch.


Perpetual links – are those for which the time of placement is not limited. The links can be unseen only if the external site is suddenly removed.

Toxic ('Toxic') or unnatural ('unnatural') links

Bad links can damage your website’s ability to rank in Google and even negatively impact any rankings you already have. Toxic backlinks are links that usually come from low-quality or suspect websites or are in direct violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines and exist solely to try to manipulate search engine rankings. This could mean paid links not marked with nofollow or sponsored attributes, links from poor-quality directories or bookmarking sites, commonly used footer links, or an unnatural number of links that use anchor text with exact matches.

You can use this backlink audit tool to identify potential toxic or unnatural links. This tool can help you analyze and eliminate any toxic links pointing to your domain that could lower your rankings. By connecting to your Google Search Console account, you can get a complete picture of the overall health of your backlink profile before you spend time checking every backlink.

Loading speed

Page load speed is one of the first significant components that affect a website’s ranking. It is believed that this parameter is similar to face-to-face human communication, and a delay in loading is equivalent to a long pause in the conversation. Users lose interest if a page takes up to three seconds to load.

How to Create an Effective Backlink

In practice, not all backlinks can carry the weight they might expect. But some guidelines can maximize the effect and benefit of backlinking to another site.

  1. Create relevant links. A backlink will be much more useful if it has a similar theme to the content. However, the anchor should look natural and consistent with the page.
  2. Place links on priority sites. Priority or authority sites – web pages with the most credibility with search engines. These pages have many links to them, containing useful content.
  3. Place links within the text. Backlinks can be powerful if not placed separately on the page but within the text and highlighted in a different font or color. Also, such a link will only be useful if it is easy to see or if it will stand out on the site.

How to get backlinks to the site

There are three tried and effective ways to get quality backlinks:

  • Create one yourself. This way, you can manually place links on various sites, forums, directories, maps, social networks, comments, etc.
  • Earn someone else’s approval. In other words, generate content so useful that readers themselves come to share it and will place links on other resources.
  • With buildup. This method carries the placement of backlinks on other sites, blogs, or through writing articles. This method is the most effective because it has relevant, visible links on priority sites.

But remember, the number of backlinks should grow evenly and gradually. Otherwise, search engines may suspect cheating and impose a shadow ban on the site – a filter that blocks promotion.

What to Keep in Mind When Posting Backlinks

Only sometimes, the more backlinks, the higher the site in search results. It is important that links are of high quality. It is better to place one link on a popular, relevant site than ten on a blog no one reads.


In the past, optimizers bought a lot of backlinks on stock exchanges to promote their site to the top. Quality backlinks are essential now, so you must select the sites where you will publish links manually. Most quality sites do not sell links on exchanges – to publish material; you must contact the site’s editor directly.

The number of backlinks should grow smoothly. Otherwise, search engine robots will suspect cheating, and the site may impose a filter, interfering with the promotion.


Quality backlinks are an effective method of SEO-optimization of the site. Their presence allows you to speed up site promotion, get new traffic, and improve search engine ranking. However, not all links to your site reflect positively on the site’s reputation. Choose backlink sellers carefully, and remember that your content should be high quality to make them want to cooperate with you. So backlinks are an ideal way to move your Digital Marketing forward.

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